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      "And yet it is so. Are you perhaps a Netherlander?"

      On the whole, I am afraid that my acquaintance with the modern literature of the subject will be found rather limited for an undertaking like the present. But I do not think that wider reading in that direction would have much furthered the object I had in view. That object has been to exhibit the principal ideas of Greek philosophy in the closest possible connexion with the characters of their authors, with each other, with their developments in modern speculation, with the parallel tendencies of literature and art, with the history of religion, of physical science, and of civilisation as a whole. To interpret all things by a system of universal references is the method of philosophy; when applied to a series of events this method is the philosophy of history; when the events are ideas, it is the philosophy of philosophy itself."Ah, then, you must dissemble with her. Tell her any lie you like so long as you let Dr. Bruce alone. I guessed there was some scheme on hand when I heard that you had written to the Doctor. Goodbye, Wolffman, and recollect that your ruin or otherwise depends upon yourself."

      Very large divisions marched from Vis to the pontoon bridge in the direction of Tongres. After the Lige forts had been taken the bridge might be passed in perfect safety. All day long troops came along that road without interruption. I could quite see that the soldiers who were at Vis the previous day, and brought about the conflagration, were gone, for they had left their traces behind. All along the road lay parts of bicycles, shoes, instruments, toys, and so on, everything new77 and evidently looted from the shops. Very valuable things were among them, everything crushed and smashed by the cavalry horses, the clumsy munition and forage waggons, or the heavy wheels of the guns.

      "Then it really was your face in the window!" Leona cried. "There, I have admitted it, though I had not meant to do so. Not that it matters. I could swear that I had denied it all along. If you have witnesses----"


      And a few days afterwards upon the same monument:

      "I noticed it one night, very faintly I admit, but there it was. You denied the fact to me, and I had to force your hand. It sounds very clever, but commonplace enough when you once see how the trick is done."


      Where the roads cross there are basins where flowers are kept fresh, and above them white pigeons are always fluttering. Public scribes, squatting cross-legged on the ground, trace letters that look like arabesques, on rice-paper with a reed pen. Those who dictate them crouch beside them with an absorbed and meditative expression, dropping out the words one by one with long pauses between.


      (1.) What analogy may be found between steam and water power?(2.) What is the derivation of the name turbine?(3.) To what class of water-wheels is this name applicable?(4.) How may water-wheels be classified?(5.) Upon what principle does a reaction water-wheel operate?(6.) Can ponderable weight and pressure be independently considered in the case?(7.) Why cannot radial running joints be maintained in machines?(8.) Describe the mechanism in common use for sustaining the weight of turbine wheels, and the thrust of propeller shafts.


      CHAPTER VII. THE SYSTEMATIC PHILOSOPHY OF college and my books--I believe that I really am a student;