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      As he made his way along the rough foot-path, he heard the sound of a horses hoofs. He stopped, and instinctively slid his hand upon his revolver. It is a trick which one very soon acquires in the wilds.

      Lyrcus, you are alive, she repeated frantically, while all the fear and suspense she had endured found vent in soothing sobs.At a newly covered table Varley sat, as of old, deftly and gracefully shuffling the cards, and softly inquiring, Who plays this deal? In honor of the blandness of the season he wore a new suit of the latest Melbourne fashion, and Esmeraldas diamond pin glittered and shot fire from his correctly tied scarf.

      It was a fair sight, though maddening to Flora yonder by the glass case, to see the two cousins standing eye to eye, Hilary's brow dark with splendid concern while without a glance at Anna he passed her the despatch and she read it.

      Just within her window, Anna, still in reverie, sat down at a slender desk, unlocked a drawer, then a second one inside it, and drew forth--no mere secret page but--a whole diary! "To Anna, from Miranda, Christmas, 1860." Slowly she took up a pen, as gradually laid it by again, and opposite various dates let her eyes rest on--not this, though it was still true:

      Before the sun goes down, she thought, many an eye will be closed. And what will be Lyrcus fate?You must know, he went on, that I could put you away from methat the law could divide us and set us freebut I do not intend to ask for a divorce. No shadow of such shame has ever fallen upon my people. I am desirous of averting it now. You shall remain my wife still in the eyes of the law and the world; you shall remain here, at Belfayre, or where you please, still bearing my name and taking your place in the world as the Marchioness of Trafford.



      "But surely," said Kincaid, "this old jewellery lying all about it here--."


      "No," murmured Anna as the cruel shaft went through her. "What did Charlie do with the money?"