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      She said that she must leave directly after supper. Alice fetched her hat, which was not the kind that Reuben had ever seen on country girls, being of the fashionable pork-pie shape. All her clothes were obviously town-made; she wore a blue stuff dress, tight-fitting round her bust and shoulders, full and flounced in the skirtafterwards he heard that Rose had spent some years with relations in London before coming to live at Starvecrow.

      She could not tell him. If he did not understand how every note from Harry's violin would jab and tear the tortured memories she was trying to put to sleepif he did not understand that of himself, she would never be able to explain it to him.



      He called: "Dara." It was hard to hear his own voice. There was no answer, and he had expected none: but he had had to call.He felt an enormous peace descend on him, like a cloak, as he turned with the beam in his hand and smiled at Norma. She began, tentatively, to return his smile.


      At the wedding Rose fairly dazed the onlookers. She wore a dress of heavy white satin, with a white lace veiland a bustle. It was the first bustle that had ever been seen in Peasmarsh, or even in Rye. In itself it was devastating enough, but it soon acquired a prophetic and metaphorical significance which made it even more impressive. Spectators saw in it the forecast of Odiam's downfall"He can't stand that," said Brazier, the new man at Totease, "she's a Jezebubble.""Only it ?un't her head as she's tired this time," said Ticehurst."She shud have worn it in front of her, and then we shud have bin interested," said Cooper of Kitchenhour.