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      "They did not try to throw each other, as we do when we wrestle, but they tried to push from one side of the ring to the other. I couldn't understand this until the Doctor told me that it is not necessary for one of the men to be thrown. All that is to be done is for one of them to push the other outside the ring; and even if he only gets one foot out, the game is up. Only once during all we saw of the match did anybody get thrown down, as we should expect to see him in a wrestling match in America. And when he did get fairly on the ground, it was not very easy for him to rise, which is probably the reason why the rules of the Japanese ring are so different from ours.

      "Now, here is another matter of much more importance." He showed, but retained, another envelope. "Behind the house where you're to find Miss Rothvelt there's a road into Cole's Creek bottom. The house you're to stop at to-night, say from twelve o'clock till three or half-past, is on that road, about five miles from Wiggins, from Clifton and from Fayette. I'm sending you there expecting the people in that house will rob you if you give them half a chance."

      Yes, sir, one sister, said Propert.


      "The work that I strove for has begun, and it will finish; but mine eyes will not live to see that day. From the hour that blood was shed I forsook the cause; but I hid myself from the snares that were laid for me;for I said, surely the light shall yet rise up in darkness! and it has risen; and it will grow brighter and brighter;but John Ball's task is done, and he gives himself up to the death that awaits him."There, my dear, he said at length, you have cried enough, and youre better for it. Now youre going to be very good and dry your eyes, and sit down again by the fire, while I fetch you something to eat. Youve had nothing.




      You answered her very properly, I thought, remarked Hugh.


      Its impossible, said he, theres nearly a foot of snow now.