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      "But, alas, without wings!" wailed the Creole, caught Hilary's shoulder and struck a harkening pose.

      Norman and Esmeralda rode on for some time in compulsory silence, then, when they heard no sound of pursuers, Esmeralda turned to him:

      CHAPTER XXVIII.So we, too, lightly pass them. After all, the things most important here are matters not military of which the book does not tell. Of such Victorine, assistant editor to Miranda, learned richly from Anna--who merely lent letters--without Anna knowing it. Yet Flora drew little from Victorine, who was as Latin as Flora, truly loved Anna, and through Charlie was a better reader of Flora's Latin than he or Flora or any one suspected.

      She stood perfectly motionless, her eyes meeting his steadily.


      "Ezcape, perchanze, to Anna?""The risks are the deadliest of all."



      and along with the trowel's tinkle came softly back,