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      "Could you paint Boarzell?"


      "I know of Marvor and will take you to him. It is not far to where he stays."



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      "But if they are," Willis said, "the man in the street is going to lose a lot of other thingsthings dependent on our shipments."Evidently he had pleased the multitude, for there was now a thick crowd in the central space, and already dancing had begun. Farm-hands in clean smocks, with bright-coloured handkerchiefs round their necks, gambolled uncouthly with farm-girls in spotted and striped muslins. Young farmers' wives, stiff with the sedateness of their bridehead, were drawn into reluctant capers. Despairing virgins renewed their hope, and tried wives their liveliness in unaccustomed arms. Even the elders danced, stumping together on the outskirts of the whirl as long as their breath allowed them.