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      Lord Selvaine smiled.

      All over! Yes, it is all over; it is too late now, thought Esmeralda.

      Lady Ada leaned back wearily. Her task was harder than she had thought it would beseemed well-nigh hopeless.

      A nephew of yours? said Esmeralda, with surprise. It was the gentleman who had been riding with the lady whose horse she had pulled down.Her lips formed the word, Yes!

      Theres somebody with him, she said, shading her eyes, and looking at two horsemen, who had pulled up in the center of the camp, and were surrounded by the crowd of miners. She and Varley watched Bill distribute the letters from his leather wallet, then she said:

      What you see, she said. Barker, get Lady Ada what she wants. I am going down now.


      He changed places with her, and she took the reins and the whip in true coachman-like fashion; and she laughed, and her eyes flashed, and her lips parted, as she drove the splendid bays along the top of the hill; and Trafford looked at her, and the sense of her beauty and her youth smote him for the first time in all its fullness.


      Pears to me, Varley, said Taffy, as Varley missed a point which would have won the game for him, that youd better chuck up cards and take to dominoes. Theyre a nice, child-like game, and dont make no call on your brain. Or how would skittles suit you? Mr. Varley Howard presents his compliments to the nobility an gentry of Three Star an other camps, an begs to inform em that, findin cards too much for his constitootion, he has opened a saloon for skittles an other infant games, where he opes to meet his former patrons at hop-scotch an peg-top. No playin for money allowed.


      She looked at him with undisguised surprise.