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      Lady Ada does her hair very nicely, my lady, she said, and it suits her, because her hair is short and doesnt go so far, and that way makes the most of it; but theres no need for you to have it done like that, with the mass your ladyship has got.[124]

      He did not. She told him.

      Not of him, however, did Flora and her grandmother softly converse in Spanish amid the surrounding babel of English and French. Their theme was our battery drill of some ten days before, a subject urged upon Flora by the mosquito-like probings of Madame's musically whined queries. Better to be bled of almost any information by the antique little dame than to have her light on it some other way, as she had an amazing knack of doing. Her acted part of things Flora kept untold; but grandma's spirit of divination could unfailingly supply that, and her pencilled brows, stiff as they were, could tell the narrator she had done so.

      The manager looked at him in surprise, but a little exclamation of Varleys, scarcely a word, not much more than a breath, spurred the manager to haste. He counted out the gold and put it in a bag, which Varley consigned to his pocket. Then, with a Thanks; hot, isnt it? he walked out. His reappearance was of course greeted with numerous offers to drink. Varley went to the nearest pub and tossed off a glass of whisky and water, then he rolled a cigarette and smoked it deliberately. His admirers watched him with curious and worshiping regard.

      Lady Wyndover looked at her curiously. The girls face vibrated strangely; her eyes were bright; her usually ivory-white face had taken to itself a rose-like flush.



      They would form a crescent, dont you see. A large hotel, which could be placed in the center; or it might be erected at the eastern end. There, in a nutshell, you have the scheme; and it certainly seems to me an admirable one in every way. Most admirable and ingenious! It would considerably enhance the value of the property; but I do not attach so much importance to that as to the fact that it would provide labor for a very large number of deserving people, and would add another place of recreation and pleasure for the many worthy and excellent persons who delight to spend their leisure by the sea.