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      "So much the better."... A shudder passed through Reuben, a long shudder of his flesh, for in at the open window had drifted the scent of the gorse on Boarzell. It came on no wind, the night was windless as before. It just seemed to creep to him over the fields, to hang on the air like a reproach. It was the scent of peaches and apricots, of sunshine caught and distilled. He leaned forward out of the window, and thought he could see the glimmer of the gorse-clumps under the stars.

      "Well, I'm not going to sacrifice myself for Odiam, and you've no right to ask me, dad."

      "My lord, whatever charges Sir Robert Knowles may have against me, I am ready to meet them."

      That autumn David and William went to Newhaven to see the Rye Football Club play the West Sussex United. They had more than once gone on such jaunts together, and on this occasion, trains being difficult, they put up for the night at a small hotel near the port. It was the first time they had spent a night away from Odiam, and a certain thrill attached to it.

      "Nay, nay, squire, I don't refuse: your offer is too tempting for a man in my situation to refuse; but you know"

      "I should be frightened if you came."

      You said that twice before, she said. And I dont believe you care a bit.CHAPTER XI


      She faced the conclusion that her vague exhilaration of thought had brought her to. She did not only serve him in his office: she served him here in The Cedars. Neither Mrs Keeling nor his daughter could make his book-catalogue for him. Irrespective of their inability, he would not have allowed them to attempt it. But she could do it: he gave her access to his library and a free hand to do as she liked there.



      Well, go on; but take care, he said.