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      "But these wuz all Injianny boys, most of 'em little. Not an old man among 'em."He Ain't No Officer 27

      "Better do something with that cow right off," advised the first-comer, as he walked off. "You can't keep her in camp all day. Somebody'll git her away from you if they have to take her by main force.""Don't soft-soap me," the old woman snapped. "I'm too old for it and I'm too tough for it. I want to look at some facts, and I want you to look at them, too." She paused, and nobody said a word. "I want to start with a simple statement. We're in trouble."

      "Yes, I did," Si confessed; "but it was because the boys begged me to. We'd just got there, and it looked as if the biting was good, and we probably wouldn't stay there longer'n over Sunday."

      The Sheriff's words had banished the ready laughter from the girls' lips, and taken away their appetites, but seemed to have sharpened those of Si and Shorty."You do;" said the stranger warmly. "Splendid man. Great lawyer. Fine judge. I had a great deal to do with him at one time."

      "Fall in," commanded Si. "Single rank. Foller me and Corpril Elliott. Keep well closed up, for if you git separated from us goodness knows what'll become o' you in this raft o' men."

      "You bet I do. Best regiment in the Army o' the Cumberland."Dodd sighed. "Those who work get fed," he said. "And housed. And clothed. AndGod help usentertained, by 3D tapes older than our fathers are. If a man didn't work he'd getcast out. Cut off."


      "Close up, there! Close up!" he kept shouting to those in front. "Don't allow no gaps between you. Keep marchin' distance19 inches from back to breast. Come along, Pete. I ain't a-goin' to lose you, no matter what happens."


      Calling Alf Russell and Monty Scruggs to follow him, Si started back to the scene of the skirmish of the night before. The woods looked totally different, under the bright Spring sunshine, from what they had seemed in the chill, wet blackness of the previous night. Buds were bursting and birds singing, and all nature seemed very blithe and inspiring.


      They found the house a blaze of light, shining kindly from the moment it came in sight, and there was a welcome in Towser's bark which touched Si's heart."Good boy," Albin said absently. "What's your name?"